2019-05-22 17:27

We found a new partner this year to provide us with one of the prettiest and most practical scoreboards ever seen: Sichtkraft! Sichtkraft is a young company from Germany, located right at the Dutch and Belgian border. They provide scoreboards for different sports, also fit for a good game of Ultimate: they are visible from afar and made with clear colors.

Why we love them? Sichtkraft resources all materials in Germany and their design and manufacturing is also done locally. Sichtkraft promotes the local economy and the final assembly of their product is done by a company that provides occupation for people with disabilities, who would have little chances in the regular market.

Why you will love them? Their scoreboards are light-weight, versatile, easily handled and stocked by our volunteers, can take a beating and are 100% weatherproof. Also, we feel they look very cool!

Because we want to share these amazing boards and hope to see them on other pitches than only in Amsterdam, we created a discount code together with Sichtkraft. With the code WINDMILL, you can get 10% discount on either this or this scoreboard until the end of July!

More information can be found on