The Dalahästs

We are a sweden based team, with friends and players from all over the world. We are very focused on having fun, playing some good ultimate and extending the ever growing circle of friends we have got going. Many would describe us as a pickupteam, but we like more to think of ourselfs as a community - a family. We believe in the spirit of the game and try to spread it to all aspects of life. We party hard, we play hard, we party harder again. The perfect tournament for us? You don’t remember it. Months later you and your friend reminisce and exchange stories and realize you processed only bits and pieces. It’s too much to take in, too much to comprehend; it’s a sensory overload. The new atmosphere you’re in, the people you meet, the connections you make, the ill advised last beer before going to bed. There are many awesome people around, there are too many awesome frisbee throwing going on, too much booze - all the time (and we love it), too much love to take in, too much partying going on! We believe that a real frisbee tournament isn’t about winning the games, it’s about winning eachothers hearts - through throwing, dancing, love, partying, singing, sweating and maybe even a few tears! (OF JOY!) Our heads will hurt, our hearts will burst, we regret nothing, we remember nothing. But in our hearts, we will know, we been a part of something bigger than ourselves and of course we will return for more.

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