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Sundrive had its beginnings in the year 2020 under the name “Social Sports Dublin”. For the past two years we have been playing together as a mixed team, and in 2022 the stellar women of Sundrive decided to work on developing our own Women's Team. As part of the process of forming our team, we have been participating in the “Empowering Women in Ultimate Frisbee'' Erasmus project led by Caroline Tisson (Germany) and Leanne O’Neill (Ireland). As participants in this program, our team leaders have attended various online meetings that have helped us to develop our team structure and training plans. Our work in this Erasmus project is ongoing, and we look forward to further collaboration with other women’s frisbee teams throughout Europe. In December of 2022, Sundrive Social Women participated in our first ever tournament. While many of our players have years of experience playing in the mixed/open setting, we had never competed solely as a women’s team. Throughout this two-day tournament, our team spirit was ignited as we experienced the joy of playing frisbee together. Now, we are motivated to continue working and improving together as we prepare for future tournaments (like Windmill ????).

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