SEA Sharks

We are a combo team of Sockeye, Riot, Chain Lightning, DC Truck Stop, Mix Tape, and various other nationals level club teams from the states. The core of the team either used to live in, or currently lives in Seattle and played for Sockeye or Riot. A handful of us were on the Sock Game team who lost to the mixed team GB in the finals of Windmill in 2016, and a few were even on the open team Chinya Rada who won the open division in 2013. As one of the players who played on both teams, I've been super excited to spread whispers all year round last year of making plans to attend Windmill Windup, as it's by far the most fun tournament I've played EVER. The team we are forming would be gunning to attempt to win the tournament and every party the tournament has to offer.

Roster 2024

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