Our team is a combination of new, talented athletes mixed with experienced veterans of Irish Ultimate. Based on the North side of Dublin city; we are a product of the Irish U20s women's team that attended EYUC in 2019. Following on from the chemistry built at this tournament, the women, with the help of their coach Sinéad Dunne, realised the potential for a new and exciting team in Dublin and thus, Flame was born. The team has grown steadily since its establishment in the summer of 2020, picking up many strong players from Dublin and the surrounding areas, 5 of whom were an intricate part of the Irish team that won EUC in Győr in 2019. The team has facilitated the growth of women's ultimate in Dublin, particularly amoungst the younger generation. An example of this can be seen in Santa Sabina secondary school (with over 600 pupils), where ultimate has now become a staple sports program inspired by the alumni who play with Flame. A number of our teammates also regularly help with coaching in the school. See following link for an article conveying the school's love of the sport <3 https://www.santasabina.ie/Page/Ultimate-Frisbee/18450/Index.html

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