New Partner: TOKAY

2019-04-05 00:00

After last year’s success, we are delighted to be partnering up with TOKAY for another edition! TOKAY is one of the best designers of ultimate-specific cleats out there and we are very happy they’ll be present at WXV. We love TOKAY for working in a socially responsible manner at all times: environmentaly friendly materials and always looking for ways to lower their footprint.

At the moment, just in time for the outdoor season, TOKAY is running a stock clearance: when checking out, use the code WINDMILL, get a discount of 30% and only pay €83,30 ($87,50) for your fresh pair of TOKAYs! When you order with two other friends and get three pairs, you’ll get free shipping. See here for more details.

There’s only limited sizing - but luckily TOKAY has come up with a very sustainable solution to make sure you get the right size! Their new app will help you get your size directly by scanning your feet with your smartphone. This way, you’ll only need one delivery guy at your door and you’ll reduce CO2 emission. Find the app at here.

Or you could grab paper and pen to use the old-fashioned, hipster way of doing it here.

We are super excited to have TOKAY at Iggy Square in June again!

Renée - Ultimate Director