Don't want to bring camping Equipment? Use Kartent!

2019-02-27 17:40

If you don't have space in your bag for a tent, mat and sleeping bag - fear not! You can rent your camping equipment from our new partner: KarTent. Anything you rent will be ready for you at the front desk at Windmill! Check out their selection of products here.

You don’t want to carry your tent and sleeping bag to Windmill? Go for a cardboard tent. The KarTent is designed in a circular fashion, cardboard from KarTent is used in several applications, such as boxes in the logistics industry, or festival gadgets for you to enjoy. In the end of it’s life, the KarTent can be fully recycled.

KarTent is your festival friend and yes yes yes they are waterproof. You will never be alone again because they're big enough to sleep with your loved one, best friend, or pet. They are 2,35m long and 1,4m width, enough room for spooning!

Let your creative self go crazy on your own personal cardboard canvas. KarTent is a completely new way of thinking about a product. As a kid you always wanted to sleep in the cardboard box, right? Well this is your chance!

Book your KarTent now!