Green partership with Eurodisc

2022-05-31 19:40

Windmill is very excited to share our partnership with Eurodisc. They will be providing all of the disc at Windmill this year. Next to the discs they will also be there with their own stand, give away Windmill hoodies and they will have have a disc printer on site for you to print you favorite design or photo on a disc. 

Eurodisc is the most sustainable recognized competition disc in the Ultimate scene this year. The 175g organic discs are made from 100% renewable resources, without fossil content. This allows them to significantly reduce CO2 emissions, which is especially important for the environment these days, as emitted greenhouse gases are a major contributor to climate change.

Eurodisc also pay’s attention to sustainability in the production of the discs at the plant. The electricity consumed is generated 100% from renewable energy sources. In addition, the eurodisc discs are not packed in plastic bags as usual, but in biodegradable paper bags that can even be reused for food after the discs have been removed. The material is designed in such a way that it can be fed into the recycling process after its "last" use. This is because our material is compatible with conventional plastic and can therefore be recycled.

This year Eurodisc will have their own stand at Windmill. At this stand you will be able to order your own disc design or photo and have it printed on a disc live on site. For example you can take a team photo, have Eurodisc print it on a disc and you will have the disc with team picture before you leave the tournament. Next to that, they will be giving away 27 Windmill hoodies during the tournament. Info on how to win one of these hoodies will follow. 

Exited? Come and say hi at their stand on Iggy square.