Sustainability bids and registration

2022-01-15 22:20

Windmill lovers, GET HYPED! Team sign up will open on the 22nd of January 2022 at 20:22. Practical information about signing up and timelines will be posted in the upcoming week. We are working hard to get everything ready for registration and to make sure you have all the information you need to sign up and prepare for Windmill 2022!

Before that we first want to introduce you to something new. This year Windmill is introducing up to 5 Sustainability Wild Cards. These are special bids for teams that are putting in serious effort into reducing their negative social and environmental impact (or increasing their positive impact :) ). Since Windmill bids can be hard to get we hope that by offering bids to teams this way we can promote sustainable projects and behavior. To decide which teams will get the bids we will look at the following criteria:

  • Sustainable travel to and from tournaments (especially Windmill)
  • Sustainable projects in your own community

Sustainable travel:

For sustainable travel, Herbie would love to see teams travel with the smallest possible carbon footprint. Since every team comes from a different location try to find the most sustainable viable option for your team:

  1. If you can walk or cycle go for that!
  2. If not, take public transport i.e. train or a bus!
  3. The third option would be hiring a bus or filling up cars to maximum capacity.
  4. Only if there is no other option take a flight and consider carbon offsetting.

If your team is interested in one of the green bids let us know how your team is planning to travel to Windmill in your application. We would love to see the creative, sustainable travel methods teams want to use this year! Will this be the first year people are taking a sailing boat to come to visit Herbie?

Sustainable projects in your own community:

To promote sustainable projects we want to use some Windmill bids as a reward for teams that are actively working on sustainable projects in their own community. Whether this is reducing your team's own carbon footprint, helping with community projects, planting trees, or something else - we'd love to hear about it! In addition to the bid we also want to showcase the sustainable projects of teams through our social media and at Windmill. This way we want to motivate other ultimate players to also improve their community.

If your team wants to apply for a sustainability bid, select this option in the team registration. If you do so, please also send a document to in which you put your bid application, tell us how you meet the requirements for a green bid, and what your team does to make this world more sustainable. Applications can be submitted as a written document but feel free to get creative. If you have any questions about the green bids or need help with the application please get in touch with us! The deadline for application will be the same deadline as the registration deadline.