Introducing our volunteer coordinators

2020-02-18 12:00

The foundation of Windmill is built on over 100 volunteers! To make sure everything is running well we have an amazing team who will make sure you are part of the Windmill experience and happy as can be! Let's introduce them!


(Crew and Ultimate director)

I am Finn and I am one of the 5 tournament directors of Windmill this year. I have been part of Windmill since last year as a Host at the front desk. Windmill has brought and taught me a lot. I hope that you will have the same experience when you come and help-out at this amazing tournament!

I started playing Ultimate 3 years ago and I can say that I’ve become somewhat addicted. In most of my free time I am either playing or organizing. In Utrecht I play at the club teams Utka Ultimate and UFO. In the summer I will play the World junior ultimate championship with the Dutch U20 open team.

Just like the previous years Windmill will have an awesome volunteer coordinator team. They will be there for all you awesome volunteers, to make sure you have the time of your life.

So let me introduce them to you and I hope to see you at Windmill XVI!!!


Hi, I'm Casper, also known as Putz.

You may have seen me at Windmill at the token stand or headquarters before, as I was in the crew as a Tournament Master in 2017 and 2018. Last year I joined the volunteer coordinators, and this year you will be seeing me there again. I'm looking forward to it! I will challenge myself to learn all your names as I am usually very bad at that.

I started playing ultimate 3,5 years ago with the Utrecht student team UTKA, and now I play with UFO in Utrecht. Two years ago I finished my masters in mathematics and now I am doing a PhD in Amsterdam.

I am already super excited for all the fun and amazing people that will be at Windmill 2020. See you there!


Hey, I'm Noah! Two and half years ago was the first time I was at windmill, just as a guest for a day that time, and I immediately fell in love with the entire tournament and the amazing vibe. I had some trouble leaving and missed the last train. Last year I could finally return, this time as a volunteer and my love for the tournament only grew. That is why I'm now returning as a volunteer coördanator.

I started playing together with Casper 3,5 years ago at UTKA. This year I'm studying and playing in Ireland for the Cork student team, while finishing my bachelors in physics and mathematics. Next year I'll return to Utrecht to start a masters in mathematics.

Windmill 2020 for me is probably going to be the most stressful but also most fun one so far. I'm already super hyped for the tournament and hope to meet all of you there!


Hi there, I’m Micha! I have been a volunteer at Windmill the past 2 years. I loved it so much that this year I decided to become a volunteer coordinator. Even though I think being a volunteer coordinator asks a lot from you during Windmill. I think it is also a very rewarding job since you get to interact with so many awesome volunteers from around the world!

I started playing frisbee during my second year of university at the club team UTKA. Before that I played soccer for 10 years and boy am I happy that I made the switch. During the 2.5- 3 years that I’ve been playing frisbee I met so many awesome people and made so many cool friends that I’m quite mad at myself for not joining the community earlier. Besides playing frisbee in the Netherlands I also played in The USA for half a year.

I’m super excited to work and have fun with you all!


Hello! My name is Jonna and this will be my fourth time helping out Windmill as a Volunteer Coordinator. I have experienced Windmill as a player in 2015 & 2016 and in 2017 I was asked to become a VC. It’s a tough job that asks a lot from you, but I just love meeting all the eager and fun volunteers! Working with you guys makes it so much fun!

I’ve been playing Ultimate since the summer of 2012 at Ultimus Prime in The Hague. It is the same city in which I’m also studying International Media and Entertainment Management.

Next to finishing my studies I work in online marketing at a theater production company in Utrecht.

I can’t wait to get to know you guys and also see some familiar faces!