Introducing our Volunteer Coordinators

2019-01-18 11:44

The foundation of Windmill is built on over 100 volunteers! To run everything smoothly we have an amazing team who will make sure you are part of the Windmill experience and you're flying around as a happy EGG! Let's introduce them!


(Crew & Logistics Director)

I am Jill. Making my name shorter is  a bit difficult, but you can be creative to make it longer. 

I've already been part of the frisbee community for some years. I joined the Windmill crew in 2016 as a logistics member. In 2017 I played at Windmill with the Fresh Urbs, last year I was traveling in South America so unfortunately I could not be present. To make it up I will go all the way this year as a Tournament Director. I will be in charge of Logistics and Crew. I am looking forward to meet you during the 15th edition of Windmill 2019!!!

Let me now introduce you to my amazing Volunteer Coordination team:


Hello! My name is Jonna and this will be my third time helping out Windmill as a Volunteer Coordinator. I have experienced Windmill as a player in 2015 & 2016 and in 2017 I was asked to become a VC. It’s a tough job that asks a lot from you, but I just love meeting all the eager and fun volunteers! Working with you guys makes it so much fun!

I’ve been playing Ultimate since the summer of 2012 at Ultimus Prime in The Hague. It is the same city in which I’m also studying International Media and Entertainment Management.

To be able to pay for my studies I work part time in online marketing at a theater production company in Utrecht.

I can’t wait to get to know you guys and also see some familiar faces!


Hey everyone! I'm Brizia, but most people call me Breeze, Brizzlesor Brizzly Bear, whichever one you prefer. I started out as a volunteer for Windmill 5 years ago. I had such an amazing time that I did it 3 years in a row. After that I put on my big boy pants and became Tournament Director for 2 years. 

This year I wanted to try something different, so now I'm one of the Volunteer Coordinators. This always seemed like a very busy, but also very fun and rewarding role, so I'm very excited! Luckily I'm good with names, feel free to quiz me anytime. 

I've been playing Ultimate for over 6 years now and I play with my lovely student team UTKA. Almost half of the team is also crew or volunteering at Windmill.

I'm most looking forward to sitting around the fire, singing song with all of you guys after a hard days work. See you soon!


Hi all! I'am Timo, just Timo, nothing special to it. 

It has been 4 years now since I joined the frisbee community and 3 summers ago I had my first Windmill adventure as one of the Logistics. The year after I helped out as a volunteer which differed a lot with Logistics. It gave a lot of energy to work alongside all those international frisbee players! Then last year I worked at the 5-tent which was really nice as well though it felt a bit separated from the volunteers and the crew. That is why I was very eager to play a bigger part once more to help out and join the fun for this anniversary event!

I'll probably be even more hyped by then as I am playing the EBUC (EK beach) in Portugal (I'll give rounds if we end up first). Hope to see you all in June! 


Hi, I'm Casper, also known as Putz.

You may have seen me at Windmill at the token stand or headquarters before, as I was in the crew as a Tournament Master the last two years. This year I will be one of the Volunteer Coordinators. I'm looking forward to it! I will challenge myself to learn all your names as I am usually very bad at that.

I started playing ultimate 2,5 years ago with the awesome student team UTKA, and recently I joined UFO, the other and even so great team in Utrecht. Last year I finished my masters in mathematics and now I am doing a PhD in Amsterdam.

I am already super excited for all the fun and amazing people that will be at Windmill 2019. See you there!