Greatest Bag, Windmill Partner 2020

2020-03-14 10:00

Windmill is delighted to have yet another partner - the Greatest Ultimate Bag!

Design by and for ultimate players, Greatest is the #1 best selling ultimate bag in the world. If you are the kind of person who likes to head to training or a tournament knowing that you're equipped to handle anything the game or the weather throws at you (and more), then look no further than the Greatest Bag!

Available in 3 sizes, the Greatest Bag sets itself apart from the pack by its incredible array of useful features, aka POCKETS!!! It is like Batman's utility belt if he were more interested in chasing plastic than bad guys. Disc holder, cleat compartment, phone or sunglasses case, rain cover, even an insulated cooler compartment with a free ice bag, to keep your drinks and snacks cold all day. You name it, the Greatest has it.

And best of all, Greatest is offering EXCLUSIVE limited edition Windmill 2020 custom bags in 30 and 60-liter sizes! If you know you want one, be sure to pre-order here as these are guaranteed to go quickly!

Lots of love, Herbie xoxox