COVID update!

2022-02-16 19:00

Hey lovely people,

Herbie is happy to announce that the Dutch COVID measures have been updated. For the upcoming period, the EU COVID certificate is no longer needed to enter outdoor events such as Windmill. This means that we can accept teams from all over the world for Windmill 2022!!! 

There will either be no COVID checks required for Windmill or, in the worst case a 1G system (everyone needs to be tested) depending on what the government requires at that time. We currently expect there to be no COVID checks and will update everyone in case this changes.

To give teams that previously weren't sure if they could attend the tournament this year a chance to sign up we are extending the registration deadline by two weeks to March 5th. This will also be the new deadline for teams to apply for a sustainability wildcard.

We look forward to seeing everyone on the field in June!


Herbie and the TD's