Windmill sustainability brainstorm

2021-11-01 11:00

For years Windmill has been trying to be as sustainable as possible. We have a green battery, avoid using single-use plastic, have a disc-washing station and recycling bins, are serving vegetarian and locally sourced food and carefully choose the partners we team up with. In 2019 we even became climate neutral! However, this was done through carbon compensation which means we can still improve by reducing our emissions. By far our largest impact comes from the carbon produced during the journeys players make to join Windmill from far and wide and we are looking for ways to improve.

On Saturday November 13th at 11 am CEST (online) we are organizing a brainstorm to think about how we can firstly reduce and secondly compensate for our travel footprint. The brainstorm is open to anyone who's interested and openminded!

If you would like to join and/or if you have any cool ideas you would like to share with us please fill in this form.

Love from Herbie and the Windmill team!