Windmill tournament info 2020

Windmill 2020 will take place from Thursday 18 June, 4pm until Sunday 21 June, 5pm. First games start on Friday 19th at 9am.
Address: Bok de Korverweg 4, 1067 HR Amsterdam, Netherlands.

There will be 80 teams at Windmill 2020 split into 3 divisions: mixed, women and open.

For more information about the Windmill Tournament, check our FAQ page or feel free to contact us (info@windmilltournament.com).


Player fee = €100
Guest fee = €80

A non-refundable deposit of 2 player fees (€200) per team is required. This should be paid to the Windmill bank account before March 13th 2020 to confirm your place at Windmill mentioning your team name!

The rest of the player fees should be paid before April 17th 2020. Payments finalised at Windmill itself, that could have been paid in advance, will incur a 5% late fee.

NOTE: If you do not pay your fees on time without notifying our communication TD at info@windmilltournament.com, you will risk losing your place at Windmill. A late deposit is not acceptable, even with an e-mail.

Bank Details - Please mention your team name when making a transfer

Name: Stichting Windmill 
Account Number: 673 5519
IBAN: NL37 INGB 000 673 5519
Bank Name: ING
Account Address: Vondelkerkstraat 9 hs, 1054KW, Amsterdam

If you have any questions about the fee structure, please have a look here before getting in touch.

The player fee covers a camping spot for three nights, three breakfasts, two dinners, one disc, three days of Ultimate, four days of festivities including multiple parties and plenty of entertainment. Players, Coaches Managers, physiotherapists or extra team crew are to pay the player fee. The only exception is cheerleaders who are expected to be in some cheerleading uniform or team mascot suit. ;)

The Guest fee will cover all of the above, minus the Ultimate. You are only considered a guest if you are not a member of the team.  
Guests should pay the guest fee no later than May 22nd.


Your camping spot is included in your player/guest fee. Please go to HQ before setting up your tents. Don't want to bring camping equipment to Windmill? KarTent will be working with us again this year. They rent tents made out of recycled cardboard, but don't worry, they are waterproof! KarTent will provide a backup solution if the worst happens, and as you know if you were at Windmill 2019 they proved that very well. This new business is also working towards improving their tents, more news on that in a blog soon.

If you prefer, you may also book a nearby hotel or hostel at your own expense, but more importantly, you might miss out on the fun activities that will take place between 4pm and 3am. For the full experience, camp with us!


As is the case every year, we will be doing our absolute best to provide you with a choice of delicious and nutritious food, catering to all dietary requirements. For further information, we will be making posts leading up to the event. 


You can join the Windmill experience, even if you don't have a team! You're welcome to join the fun and enjoy the festival as our guest. If you just wish to visit to watch a few games and drink a beer, you then feel free to go do that. Just go to the front desk to check-in. 

If you wish to also camp with us and have dinner with us, you'll have to sign up as a guest. The guest fee is €80 and should be paid before April 30th, more information under "fees".

For this price, you will receive all the benefits of a player, minus the ultimate. Camping is included as well as dinner on Friday and Saturday. For more information about being a guest Windmill, feel free to email us!

Team Selection

As we've done now for several years, we'll be accepting 80 teams for 2020: 40 Mixed teams, and the other 40 split between Open and Women teams. We have decided to postpone the decision of exactly what the divide will be between women's open teams until after registration is closed. It will either be the last year's setup of 18 Women's and 22 Open teams, or ideally 20 Women's & 20 Open teams. Read our blog post on Team Selection for further information about this. If you have any questions regarding this or the selection process, please have a look here.


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