Tournament Info

Rules and Format

  • The latest WFDF 2017 rules apply at this tournament. You can find the rules at the WFDF site.
  • The WFDF 2017 Additional Championship Game and Event rules do NOT apply at Windmill. Instead the Windmill Tournament rules below apply.

Game times

  • Open, Mixed & Ladies games are to 15 points within 90 minute time-slots (except for the first round where time-slots are 75 minutes only). Five minutes before the end a time slot you will hear the ‘time-is-over’ jingle. Play out the current point, add 1 to the highest score with a maximum of 15 points. This will be the scoring cap, first to reach this score wins the match. You will also hear a jingle two minutes prior to each time-slot start and another at the start time.
  • All games have a two-minute mirror halftime at 8 points. The second half is started with initial elections (whether to receive or throw the initial pull, which end zone to defend, and which end zone decides the gender ratio in mixed) switched.
  • Each team has 2 two-minute time-outs per game, which can be taken at any time before the 'time-is-over’ jingle (i.e. there are no timeouts in the last 5 minutes of a time-slot).

Windmill Tournament Rules

  • Windmill does not provide any timekeepers. Both teams are responsible to keep the pull, time-outs and foul/violation resolving within a reasonable time limit.
  • Teams are expected to arrive on time. Game can start as soon as each team has a minimum of 5 players (WFDF rule 5.1).
    • If a team does not have 5 players at the start of the match the opposition will be awarded a goal and game start will be delayed by 5 minutes.
    • If a team has not fielded a minimum of 5 players after 25 minutes after the start of the game they will forfeit the game and the opposition will be awarded a 5-0 win.
    • In case any of the teams show up late, both team captains should agree on how many points should be awarded to the team before starting the match. The points awarded should be communicated to the scorekeeper.
  • The Windmill organisation can suspend or cancel games in case of bad weather or other emergencies. In the case of a mid-game suspension, the game can continue if the game round has not ended. If the round has ended, or a game is cancelled the score at the moment of the suspension or cancellation stands, even if that results in a tie.
    • In case one or more rounds are cancelled the Windmill organisation will reschedule or skip the round(s).
  • Players must not use any form of electronic communication devices  to communicate with other players or team members during play
  • Players must not wear anything that is dangerous to other players, or could damage the disc. Metal studs are considered dangerous.
  • Players must not wear anything that gains an advantage by substantially enhancing  physical presence of the player.
  • Players are prohibited from applying any substance to their hands, for the purposes of enhancing grip, which can transfer to the disc during the course of play
  • Players, substitutes and team officials must not use any equipment that amplifies their voices

Management of Match and Spirit Scores

Match Scores

At every field there will be scoring volunteers who keep track of the scores and directly upload them to our scoring system leaguevine. Additionally, the team captains must sign the scoring papers at the end of the match. if you don’t sign, don’t come complaining at HQ afterwards if the score’s wrong. In case you notice that there is anything wrong, please notify us immediately at the Iggy. Scoring volunteers are not timekeepers!

Spirit Scores

In your team package you will find spirit forms. You will find one form for the first five matches and a second form for the last three matches. In case you lose your form, you can get a new one from the scoring volunteers or at the Iggy. After you have completed your fifth match hand in your spirit form at the Iggy in return for dinner tickets for saturday evening,. On the last day, bring us the scores before watching all the exciting finals, so we have enough time to calculate everything!

Saturday between 12.00 and dinner, hand in your spirit scores and get dinner tickets in return. Changing of dinner tickets into other dinner tickets is possible between 12:00 and dinner.

A game that involves a significant number of calls, especially when these remain disputed, should be brought to the attention of the Windmill organization by a spirit captain as soon as possible. Windmill determines whether further action should be taken against teams or individuals.

Please be knowledgeable about how spirit scoring system works. WFDF has provided a rubric with examples on how to properly use the spirit scoring system. Please use this for your scoring and don’t just score a team based on whether you like them or not.

Team Notifications

We created a GroupMe group for each team. These groups can be used for communication within your team. Herbie will send a message with information about your team’s next match (opponent, field, time) to this group before the start of every round.  At the end of the round, you will be informed about the final score that was uploaded to our scoring system Leaguevine. Click here to join your team’s GroupMe.

Note: An internet connection is required to use this service. Note that there will be no free public WiFi provided at Windmill.


Mixed format (4/3):

We play normal 4/3 mixed using the “end zone decides” rule (WFDF rule A7.3): At the start of the game, after the first disc flip, an additional disc flip happens with the winner selecting which end zone is “End zone A”, with the other end zone becoming “End zone B”. At the start of each point the Team that is at End zone A must choose the gender ratio. This process applies for the first half. For the second half, at the start of each point the Team that is at End zone B must choose the gender ratio . The choosing team must be clear and quick about which it will be so the opposite team  has time to match and strategize before the next pull.

Swiss Draw for all divisions: Women, Mixed and Open

The Swiss Draw format ensures that teams are ranked quickly according to their real strength and play close matches against opponents of similar strength. Windmill is proud to have successfully run this format for years.

Power Rankings

We have used the power ranking format to rank teams since 2013; power rankings assign a numeric value to each team - which represents its relative strength in relation to other teams - with the intention that the point differential in a game represents the difference in strength between the participating teams. Following completion of each round of play, a computer processes the match results and calculates each teams power ranking score based on the results of all of the games played thus far.

For example: if Team Alice beats Team Bob with a score of 15-10 then this results in a power ranking strength of +2.5 to Team Alice and a strength of -2.5 to Team Bob (for that particular game). Of course it’s possible that some teams may complete more games then others following a particular round of play. Don’t fear; even though this makes it more difficult to assign power ranking scores to the teams, we use computer methods to optimize these numbers so that they best represent the known game outcomes as well as possible.

A possible interpretation of these numbers is the following: If Team Charlie with power ranking strength +3 plays Team Eve with strength -2 then Team Charlie is expected to win with a point difference of +5. In principle, Team Charlie will improve its strength by winning with an even higher margin. Team Eve will improve its strength by losing by less than a 5 points differential. In practice the change in strength after a round also depends on the performance of the previous opponents of Team Charlie and Team Eve (as well as the opponents of the opponents etc).

Teams will be ranked after each round according to their strength. For teams with the same strength, the tiebreakers are: most wins, fewest losses, and average opponent strength (in that order). Average opponent strengths are calculated by summing the strengths of all the previous opponents of a team, and dividing that by the number of played games (teams that have played better opponents are ranked higher).

Playoff Brackets

The tournament starts by completing five rounds of the Swiss Draw format - using the power ranking method - in order rank the teams. Following five rounds of play, two divisions are created; division A contains teams ranked 1 through 8 (inclusive) and division B contains teams ranked 9 onward. The top 8 teams (division A) move on to complete in a standard playoff bracket format, playing quarter finals, semi finals and finals. Teams in division B continue with three further rounds using the Swiss Draw format (continuing with Swiss Draw has the advantage that the lower teams are likely to play new opponents).

If this explanation is unclear to you, then feel free to contact us with questions, or ask us at the tournament. Yeah! Swiss Draw rocks! If you want to run your own tournament using swissdraw, check out this information page!



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