What is the goal of Windmill?

    To organize an international high level Ultimate frisbee  tournament that offers a platform for top teams as well as spirited teams, in a festival like environment. The objective is to increase both the players and the organizing crew experience every edition.

    Team Selection... When will we know?

    We want to let you know as soon as possible which teams were selected and which are on the Waiting List. We end the selection on 14 February and will inform all teams within 2 weeks.

    As soon as we know, you can click here and you'll know.

    Is it true that Windmill is completely run by volunteers and no one gets paid?

    YEP. And it's not just a few volunteers and crew members that are donating their time, skills, energy and love, there are over a hundred volunteers and nearly 70 crew members. Join us?

    Where is Windmill?

    The address is:

    Sportpark De Eendracht
    Bok de Korverweg 6
    1067 HR Amsterdam-Geuzenveld
    The Netherlands

    Click here for directions.

    Click for Google Maps


    When are the first games?

    The matches will start on friday morning:

    10:00-11:15 - Open/Ladies R1*
    11:15-12:30 - Mixed R1*

    As details of the schedule come to life, you can find them here.


    When are the finals?

    The Finals are played on Sunday in the following order:

    12:15-13:45 Open Final
    14:00-15:30 Ladies Final
    15:45-17:15 Mixed Final

    The Prize Ceremony will start approximately 17:30

    I have a special diet. What can I eat?

    We are going to try very hard to meet your dietary needs, so please contact us and we'll get our head food guru to discuss with you.

    Is it camping or can I find a hotel?

    Yep. We camp at the Windmill, but we do have a quiet area and you can find a hotel. It's a little less convenient with a hotel because you're not right on our location and will need to take public transport, but it's Holland and the Dutch know how to do public transport. See here for more details.

    What are the payment details?

    Team Fee

    • Cost (if you pay your own travelling carbon footprint): €240
    • Cost (if we will pay your travelling carbon footprint): €190

    Player Fee

    • Cost: €80 per player

    Guest Fee

    • Cost: €50 (includes camping, breakfast/lunches, Friday & Saturday dinner)

    Banking details can be found here.


    Your team and players payments can be found specifically on your team page, which you can access via the secret link we have sent you. 

    Also, you can see in general if we processed your payment on the following .

    We process the payments about once a week, so if you paid yesterday and don't see the payment today, please wait a week and check again. If you don't see your payment was processed after two weeks, feel free to contact us.

    What's the best way to contact the Windmill with a question?

    Feel free to contact us anytime. We hope to always be able to get back to you within 2 days. Bare in mind, we might be at the same tournament that you are at, but we do try to always to be on line.

    What are the bank details?

    Bank Details

    Name: Stichting Windmill 

    Acct. Number: 673 5519

    IBAN Number:NL37 INGB 000 673 5519

    BIC (or SWIFT) Code: INGBNL2A

    Bank Name: ING

    Account Address: Vondelkerkstraat 9 hs, 1054KW, Amsterdam

    Where does all the money from Windmill go?

    Aside from the costs of running the tournament, getting permits, etcetra, the Windmill invests in various initiatives such as the Dutch Ultimate scene and this year we will use the carbon offset fee for a local green project.

    What is the accommodation like?

    Accommodation is camping but there are hotels in the general area. See here for more information.

    How does a team get selected?

    That is really tough every year, but we try to look at your team's level of play, loyalty to the Windmill and the spirit scores of your team.

    I signed up as a pickup player, now what?

    You should have seen this message when you signed up:

    nan, thanks for registering as pickup player!

    Once the participating teams are known, your ad will be displayed in this section of the website so that the teams can pick you up.

    If not, please signup again and let us know if you're getting an error message.

    If you did get this message, then you'll have to wait until the teams are selected and there will be a list of all the teams looking for players and players looking for teams.

    Our team is registered. now what?

    You are almost there.

    Once you've registered your team, your registration is still pending. Each contact will have received an email whereby you need to click on our link to VERIFY your email address. When both contacts have confirmed, your submission is no longer pending and your team is officially registered.

    Once you confirm your email address, you receive another email with a SECRET-LINK that you can use to EDIT your registration data. For example to update the number of players that will attend or to change the contact persons.

    In case one of the email addresses was wrong, the other person can still change this address using the SECRET-LINK that they receive after confirming their own address.

    We have players that need an invitation for a visa. What should we do?

    Fear not. We have a template that we can email you, then you can fill in your personal details and submit at your local embassy. Shoot us an email and we'll send you the template.

    A word to the wise... Do this as soon as possible. In the past, we've called Russian embassies to help expedite visas but it was to no avail.

    How can I add a tournament to the team page?

    On your team detail page, click on "Add tournament...". This will bring you to the correct page on leaguevine. Log into leaguevine (registering an account is easy and free). Click on "Add Tournament".

    Fill in the tournament name, dates and info, click Save. Then, click on "Add Team" on the right and add all participating teams to this tournament. When entering team names, the auto-completion function will show you the current teams of this season. Make sure you pick the teams from the current season (those are not followed by anything in brackets).

    Once the tournament has been played, you can also add the final rank of the teams. The data in the "Road to Windmill" table on the windmill page is pulled automatically from Leaguevine. Note that you have to wait up to 15min for the update.

    I want to run my own Swissdraw tournament! Please help!

    Please check this wikipedia page for more information. Please contact us in case the page does not answer your question.

    I also want such nice announcement screens. How have you made them?

    We are using the great info-beamer.com hosted service run by Florian Wesch, thanks a lot for the support! The windmill package is heavily based on the 32C3 package developped by Florian. All the code is available on github.

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