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Past press coverage of Windmill 

Since the inception of Windmill, multiple local and international outlets have written articles and covers about the Windmill.  This page contains a collection of articles and videos about the Windmill from preceding years. You can also find more information on the sport of Ultimate Frisbee on the “About” page. More information about the history of Windmill can be found in the “History” section.


Get Horizontal Team Coverage 2013

Get Horizontal Complete Coverage 2013

Get Horizontal Closing Ceremony Coverage 2013

Coverage by Skyd Magazine 2013

Coverage by Skyd Magazine 2012


[Dutch] Persbericht Windmill Windup 2011 - 3 june 2011

[Dutch] Persbericht Windmill Windup 2010 - 29 mei 2010

[Dutch] Volkskrant, 9 mei 2005 - strakke worpen van rappe ventjes

[Dutch] "Dan gaan we frisbeeen", op AT5 van 17 juni 2011 een korte verslaggeving van WW2011. (op 4/5 van de uitzending, na Ajax journaal)


For a copy of the up coming press kit, please contact us.

The kit contains all the necessary information regarding Windmill, Ultimate Frisbee and also includes an official Windmill disc.


We have set a goal to reduce our overall carbon footprint by as much as possible. Steps that we have taken in order to achieve this goal include waste separation, local and ecological sources for our suppliers and providing a carbon-footprint-offset option to our players. The combination of these options and further developments allows us to offer a competitive and fun tournament which is still environmentally conscientious. For more information on our green profile please see the “Green Windmill” section. 

High resolution pictures

If you are looking for high resolution pictures to freely use in any press coverage of Windmill, please contact us.

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