On Friday,  June 22nd 2018, Windmill is back and you, non player, will have an opportunity to watch some of the best Ultimate in Europe. 

We have a couple of options for you if you're not already playing or volunteering:

=> Paid guest: This includes camping, breakfast/lunches, Friday + Saturday dinner, the finals on Sunday and don't forget the constant entertainment and Saturday night party.

All that for 50 Euros. Click here for payment details. Click here to SIGN UP!

=> Day pass guest: You can come for the day and enjoy all the frisbee your heart can endure. You'll need to pay for your own food at our vendors and you may not sleep over.

What to do now... 

If you're a Paid guest:

Go to registration and they'll check the list, pay in cash and once you have paid you will be given food tickets and 1 complimentary hug.

And don't forget, if you really want to immerse yourself in all things Windmill, join us as a volunteer:


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