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Team Info

We are a group of girls that have met thanks to ultimate frisbee by playing against each other in mixed division. In 2012 we decided to form Troubles, women team that gathers girls from Warsaw. A year after we won our first Polish Championships and we maintain the title of the champion until today, by winning year after year! But Troubles is not only ultimate frisbee, we love spending time together whether at the gym, pitch or a party. Our goal is to have fun together and play ultimate at the highest possible level. Last year right before EUCFs when we have faced financial issues we decided to organize a party to collect money for that tournament. Results have totally exceeded our expectations, in terms of money but size of a party as well. It shows that having fun out of what you are doing is crucial. Besides training and spending awesome time together we are also doing as much as we can to spread our passion to ultimate to other girls and raise the level of play in Poland. Last year Poland was a host of The World Games 2017 aaaaand tadadadam…. 6 out 7 girls playing in Polish National Team at TWG 2017 were from TROUBLES, which means they are one of the best in Poland !!! Thats is so cool, isn’t it? Besides that we are very proud to say that we were 4th in Europe (EUCF) in 2016 ( we won group game against ICENI, that were unbeatable in Europe since 2011:P) and 7th in 2017. By choosing us you do not have to be afraid of the level of play and a party at the same :)

Green Fee

Troubles is not intending to pay the green team fee.

This team has not participated in Windmill before.

Road to Windmill 2018

Date Name Rank
Sunday, 2 October 2016 EUCF 4 / 12
Sunday, 1 October 2017 EUCF 7 / 12
Sunday, 24 June 2018 Windmill 2018: Women's 4 / 16
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