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Northern italy



Team Info

This project was born by an idea of the oldest players of northern Italy , that wanted to play in a higher level than their respective team. Therefore in June of 2017 Andrea Pagano (our coach and captain) decided to create a selection of the most talented and expert players of northern Italy from teams such as Beefree (Turin) , Donkey Divers (Milan), Mucche (Bergamo) , Frasba (Como), Bubba (Brescia), Voladora (Parma), Discover (Verona), KMD (Cremona) , PGS (Modena) and UFO (Trento). Step by step we are trying to develop an agonistic idea of Ultimate in a Area that during the last years has been massive crossed by the teams of Bologna and Rimini, that have worked very well during the last decades in schools and universities. Now, it's time to revenge.

Green Fee

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Road to Windmill 2018

Date Name Rank
Saturday, 14 October 2017 Discoludens 2 / 16
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