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Team Info

Hey. We are second mixed ultimate club from Poland. Outdoor National Chmapionships runner up (2016,2017), Indoor National Champioship runner up (2017) and beach runner up (2015). For last three years on Europe stage we’ve been playing mostly open and women divisions, but also lot of international tournaments in National Team like WJUC, EUC, WUCC, WUGC, The World Games in Wrocław and much more. Now its time for mixed and we can focus on our club home team. We are preparing for EUCF, still organizing money for Ohio and steping up for Europe and World ultimate community. Give us a chance and learn more in "give us a reason..." description. Please Herbie make our dream come true  Some highlights ? Check it out:

Green Fee

KWR Knury is intending to pay the green team fee.

This team has not participated in Windmill before.

Road to Windmill 2018

Date Name Rank
Sunday, 17 September 2017 Polish Mixed Nationals 2 / 16
Saturday, 7 October 2017 Final round of Poligon – Silesian Ultimate Disc League 1 / 13
Sunday, 24 June 2018 Windmill 2018: Mixed 16 / 40
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