Team MaduroDames

Inactive team bid from previous years. Not registered for this year.





all over NL, and pickups from all over Europe



Team Info

We are a magical team combination of ladies from the previous Dutch national teams, both Masters women and Women division, complemented with awesome (national) players from all over Europe. We are a team that enjoys playing hard against other womens teams, especially at Windmill. We love the atmosphere, the people, we love the food, we love everything! Our community goal is to influence Madurodam positively into showing Ultimate Frisbee with real MaduroDames. Our additional goal (as a team where different teams and players collide) is to show the world that we are all brothers and sisters. We think this is really important in a time where people are getting more and more afraid of 'non-natives'. Maybe Madurodam can even make a foreign addition to their parc in the future by adding the Eiffel tower or another foreign monument. ultimate = onelove = nolabels Each player of our team is a MaduroDame (Dame = lady in English) and contributes greatly to our society, both on and off the field.

Green Fee

MaduroDames is intending to pay the green team fee.


Windmill Results

Year Rank Spirit
2015 13 / 16 14 / 16 9.88 (avg: 10.35 min: 8.75 max: 11.63)
2016 9 / 16 8 / 16 10.38 (avg: 10.45 min: 9.5 max: 11.13)
2017 11 / 15 5 / 15 10.88 (avg: 10.39 min: 8.38 max: 11.38)

Road to Windmill 2018

Date Name Rank
Thursday, 9 February 2017 None ? / None
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