Results 2018


  1. Every person participating in the contest can only submit one prediction.
  2. The prediction with the smallest distance to the actual outcome wins. The distance from a prediction to the actual outcome is computed by going through all teams and adding the absolute difference between the predicted and actual rank.
  3. The deadline for submitting and updating predictions is Monday, 18 June 2018, 15:00.
  4. After submitting a prediction, you receive an email with a link to update your prediction. You can update your prediction as many times as you want before the deadline.
  5. The winner will be informed by using this email address.
  6. You need to predict the outcomes of all three divisions.
  7. The default value you are starting from is random.
  8. If a teams cancels in the last minute and gets replaced by another team, both the replaced and the new team will be eliminated in all predictions and in the final outcome. At this point, chances are very slim of cancellations.
  9. All personal data (first name, last name, email) is kept private and never shown publicly, the only thing displayed is your bid and your nickname.
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