Partnership with ARIA

Partnership with ARIA

We are very happy to announce that ARIA Ultimate is our new partner. ARIA Ultimate will provide the official Windmill discs for the 2018 edition.

What's so special about the ARIA disc? What's different about it from other discs?

ARIA is a company founded by ultimate players, so we know how a competition disc should feel and how it should fly. You will notice a few more yards on your hucks due to a more precise and sleek wing shape. Otherwise, the disc will perform the way you expect. The biggest technical improvement is perhaps in the plastic! The ARIA disc stays softer in really cold temperatures, holds its form better in really hot temperatures, and is friendlier on the hands when catching. We are the newest officially approved WFDF Championship-level disc. Read more about ARIA here.

Will players at Windmill be forced to use the ARIA disc in competition?

Absolutely not! :) It is not our goal to make anyone do something they don't want to, but rather to serve the sport, and show that by making informed choices, you can have an impact that is greater than just yourself. ARIA is trying to get players to view a disc as more than just a piece of plastic. It is part of a value system that is trying to promote inclusiveness and integrity, even on the finals fields. We hope to spread this concept, and this is why Windmill and ARIA decided to partner for this year's tournament.

For more information about ARIA Ultimate's involvement, check out their blog post here.