Join Windmill's Goaltimate Clinic!

Join Windmill's Goaltimate Clinic!

What is goaltimate?
Fast-paced and physical, Goaltimate is the half-court basketball of ultimate. Continuous play and a shorter stall count give players a more aerobic workout, and emphasizes multiple quick passes over hucks. With only four players per team on the field at once, and hockey-style subbing, every player is guaranteed to be involved with the game or play at hand.

Goaltimate is one of the best ways possible to practice creative throws, learn faster decision making with the disc, and increasing your short-game IQ.

The clinic:
The 2.5 hour clinic will be led by Skip Sewell (USA Goaltimate Director of Operations) + international friends, and is open to anyone interested in learning the game. There will be a brief overview of rules, types of effective throws, and basic strategy - but mostly this will be an opportunity to play with and learn from some of the best goaltimate/ultimate players in the world.

Time: 18:00-20:30, Thursday, June 2
Location: field 16, next to Iggy Square

About Skip:
A lifelong ultimate player and organizer, Skip Sewell began focusing his efforts on spreading the sport of goaltimate after his departure from Seattle Sockeye in 2014. In 2016, he helped establish the first ever U.S. National governing body for the game.