Registration 2016--more mixed!

Registration 2016--more mixed!

We wanted to give you a heads up about registration this year. Registration will open Monday, 4 January but we are changing the breakdown of teams this year. The short version is that we will still be accepting 80 teams, but it will be 40 Mixed/24 Open/16 Women’s. That is all of the pertinent information you really need to know, but since this is a very big change to an event that means a lot to the ultimate community, a bit of elaboration...

Our goal is to be the most competitive and most fun ultimate event possible. We usually get around the same amount of applications in both Mixed and Open divisions but always allowed for roughly twice the amount of Open teams over Mixed. This time around we are going to make the Open division the 24 most elite teams that apply.

Giving 40 spots to Mixed teams will enhance the party and festival vibe and brings with it the creative international teams, such as the 4 Americans teams from last year. Furthermore, increasing the mixed presence is the best way, given the team registration breakdown, to give more women playing opportunities at Windmill.

So in summary, we have looked at the team breakdown for the last couple of years and have made a decision to try something different for Windmill 2016. This will mean a more elite Open division and a more balanced Mixed division.

We hope the community understands that we have limited space at Windmill and are constantly trying to find better ways to improve the level, vibe and experience and we think this is a great way to do that. We can’t wait to see you all in June and good luck to everyone trying to get a spot at Windmill 2016!