Windmill is for Lovers

Windmill is for Lovers

You might find the love of your life, you might turn a straight person gay, or you might take someone’s v-card. These are some true stories of lovers at Windmill.

Windmill is for lovers. Lovers of luscious green pitches that stretch as far as the eye can see. Lovers of tasty meals. Lover of cheap beer (and bartenders who may or may not have enjoyed a few themselves). Lovers of volunteers with seemingly bottomless stores of energy and generosity. Lovers of sweet tunes. Lovers of high level competition. Lovers of breathtaking finals and the roar of a crowd of 1000 fellow ultimate players cheering some of the year’s sickest plays. But what about lovers of… love?

Valentine’s Day is often accused as being a day in which singles are most aware of their relationship status. If you or your teammate is feeling the singles awareness day blues we have left the registration open until 23:59 tonight for you to register your team. You might be wondering, how can Windmill combat singles awareness day blues? We asked our Facebook followers to share with us their story about how they came to meet their lover at Windmill.

You might find the love of your life

Joji and Kelsey first met at Windmill 2013. When describing the experience Kelsey writes

We were both volunteering behind the bar on Saturday night. My bartending skills were, let's say, lacking… A tall, dark, stranger approached me and introduced himself as Joji. Noticing my poor bartending skills he offered to team up. I cleaned and set up the cups, and collected tokens while Joji tapped the beers. We were a well-oiled machine.

Over the next few months, I became an au pair, settled into Dutch life, and joined trainings in Amsterdam with Crunch. After meeting each other a few more times, at trainings and a Crunch gathering, Joji suggested getting tea together. At first we were friends, then best friends, then began dating in March of 2014. Although I was over 5,000 miles away from home in Texas, Joji mysteriously felt like home. When my year of cultural exchange came to an end, I returned home. Joji came and visited for two weeks in Nov. 2014 and met my family. Now engaged and back in Amsterdam, we are excited to attend Windmill 2015 as Mr. & Mrs.!

You might turn a straight person gay

Maud and Oline met at Windmill 2013, but Windmill 2014 is when things got interesting. Here is their story.

We met at Windmill 2013, back when iPods were still a thing and Maud didn’t know a cutter from a handler. Oline played with Purple Rhino, a pickup team that turned out to be the gayest thing ever to happen in Frisbee world. Maud came to watch her friend Paula play a game or two, and ended up staying for the whole weekend (this may or may not have had to do with the level of gayness of the Rhino’s). They spoke briefly, became friends on Facebook and ended up both playing for Flow, a women’s club team in Amsterdam.

It wasn’t until the 2014 edition that sleeping in the same tent felt like more than just a teammate thing to do. Oline started realizing just how Purple Rhino she had become, while Maud was challenged at the party to go up to a girl for a kiss and totally chickened out when Oline passed by. Unlike some other stories our Windmill weekend remained completely PG-13, but Herby definitely got the sparks flying that weekend!

Or you might take someone’s V-Card

To keep the anonymity of the happy lovers, this story is recounted from the perspective of Herbie.

It was back in the days of Windmill 2012 when the protagonist of our story, an experienced cougar, was on the prowl. Excited to see one of her favorite ultimate friends from abroad, she happily brought him along to participate in the beer race, dance to the Mr. Steel, and imbibe some beers and cocktails made by the student team NUTS. Hanging out with her friend started innocently platonic, but after the party in Heaven and the after party in the Iggy it started to grow into something more. Our protagonist went back to her tent with her friend to engage in relations, much to the dismay to her temporary tent neighbors. Although the tent neighbors had to put up with multiple minutes of pretending not to hear what they indeed were hearing, these very neighbors reported that this it was all worth it to hear the cougar’s friend and now lover admit that he had lost his virginity in that very tent.

From an intercontinental couple who just got engaged, to a particularly persuasive lesbian who got a teammate to switch (sexual) teams, to a tenacious cougar who helped a long-time crush (and virgin) score for the first time, Windmill has set the stage for many kinds of love, on and off the field. If history’s any indication, Cupid just might huck an arrow into YOUR butt this June – there’s only one way to find out! For now, we at the Windmill wish you a Happy Valentine’s day!