Windmill 2015: Back to Basics

Windmill 2015: Back to Basics

In September we announced that Windmill would be returning again this June to the grassy fields of Sportspark de Eendracht in Amsterdam. Almost immediately after posting this announcement, the Windmill crew had a series of messages wondering why Windmill is no longer followed by the word Windup on our webpage, Facebook and Twitter account.

Windmill has undergone a rebranding for two reasons one pragmatic—and probably of little interest to read—and the other symbolic, which has more impact for you, your team, and your Windmill experience.


Let’s start with the boring. Pragmatically, the Windmill organization has gone through some structural transitions that requires the tournament to have a “unique” name in order to be registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. By dropping the Windup we are able to continue providing this tournament to the ultimate community for more years to come.

Did you make it? Okay, now for what is actually important to you. Symbolically, the tournament has been shortened simply to Windmill to highlight our new motto: Back to Basics. At Windmill, we’ve always prided ourselves of being able to offer a tournament each year that was bigger and better than the year before. In 2014, we were able to invite eight more teams than we’ve ever had. While we were glad to be able to share the Windmill experience with more people, we noticed (as I am sure you did too) that bigger sometimes had unintended consequences such as the reduction of warm-up space to make room for more fields, nighttime games that meant getting food well after Dutch supper time, and tasks more tolling on our already hardworking volunteers.

This year our aim is to go back to basics because sometimes—especially outside of Texas—bigger isn’t necessarily better. This year we will scale the tournament back to eighty teams and focus on providing a tournament full of great ultimate. Don’t worry, we’ll still be providing all of the shenanigans of the years of yore, but we want to ensure that ultimate remains our focus. Welcome to Windmill 2015 where we go back to basics.