Thank you. And You. And You, and you …

Thank you. And You. And You, and you …

Herbie is both exhilarated and downcast: this year, he will get to meet, greet, work and eat with so many new faces, it makes him trumpet with joy, just to think about it. On the other hand, an elephant herd needs to be manageable, so we had to turn some volunteers away.

To paint a picture, this year’s volunteer-signups saw 180 people pledging their time and smiles to Windmill online. Of these, 95 were selected. (Based on their success of survival in both the jungle and how long they can hold the breath in the vacuum of space of course.)
You will be thrilled to know almost all of these 95 extra-ordinary human specimens are non-players this year, a score of which do not (yet) even play ultimate. Talking about growing the love for our sport, huh?

Starting Monday, 9th of June, 23 volunteers will already be sporting this years‘ “CREW” jerseys, sweating in hopefully nice weather, all to make you, dear players, fellow volunteers or visitors, feel comfortably bedazzled at 10th edition of Windmill.

Painting with a brush, held by an elephant trunk is an arduous task, so to finish, an answer and invitation.
What to do then, you ask? You can totally still be a part of the Windmill vibe and meet awesome people: come see the games during the tournament or of course, the finals on Sunday, 15th of June, at the Windmill location. It’s going to be memorable, we promise.

And Herbie chimes in: Truuu-raaa-ruuu-rooouuuu, tuuuuu-rruuuuuu-ruuuuruu! (Which, loosely translated from TrunkTalk means: “Thank you so much, all who signed up as volunteers! Please try again next year – and come enjoy my 10th birthday, if you can!)