Play! Play. Play. The Predictions game

Play! Play. Play. The Predictions game

Herbie has a brand new game for you to play! Join the Herbie side of the Force, correctly predict the winners of WWX and get nifty prizes!

See into the future you think you can? Or maybe you’ve just been following how teams across the Ultimate World are doing. Or you know for a fact someone on a particular team’s defence has a sweet tooth for gummy bears and that they can’t run as fast when they’ve had some the party before.

Instead of musical chairs, the killer game, or pin the tail on the donkey, Herbie invites you to play an even more intriguing game at his birthday party. Herbie’s calling for everyone to join the prediction contest!

Before Windmill, The Elephant invites you to predict the ranking of all of the teams at Windmill. Whoever is the closest to the final outcome, has a choice of a number of prizes, ranging from sweet, sweet Windmill hoodie to securing a position at Windmill Windup for your team next year!

To play, see the rules and prizes here.