It's sometimes easy being green

It's sometimes easy being green

Green Fee

75% of the teams paid their Green fee to compensate the CO2 emissions of their journey. This is one impressive feat! It means that Windmill Windup can once again invest 100% in sustainable projects.

If your team didn’t offset their carbon footprint financially yet, we have some suggestions to help the make Windmill greener:

  • Simply pay the green fee. It’s never too late.
  • Try to produce less waste. Do you have a spork on you? Use that instead of a plastic fork, knife and spoon even if they’re readably available. Use things like Tupperware rather than plastic bags. (They’ll also ensure your sandwich does not get crushed in your bag amongst your cleats and discs).
  • Separate your waste in the different containers. This helps us tremendously; we don’t want to have to throw recyclables away due to simply mixing up different materials.
  • Bring home your tent! Love your tent and camping stuff and bring it home instead of leaving it behind.
  • Bring your own cutlery, plates and mug, like we ask all the other players to do. Did you forget your plate? Fortunately discs can also second as a plate.
  • Take a 2 minutes shower. Post-game showers are the best: no one is denying this, but by limiting the magnificence to two minutes, you’re doing something good for the world.
  • Eat less meat. One way to offset your carbon footprint is to eat less meat. See some of the stunning facts regarding reduced meat consumption here.

Green camping:

Windmill is hosting another 8 teams this year, and we needed another campsite. This year we’re introducing green camping! This camping is green because:

  • It’s literally green with small trees to shelter those camping there.
  • It’s exclusively for green fee paying teams. Beyond being a responsible world citizen, this camping space is one way Windmill wants to thank you for your contribution. It’s also closest to the fields, a benefit for Sunday mornings!
  • It will be supported with bio-toilets. Worried about other kinds of waste you produce? These toilets will help your personal waste to be disposed of an environmentally friendly manner.
  • The space is for the environmentally conscious ultimate player. We expect players to leave the campsite as they found it. So bring their tent home, throw away all their waste in the separate containers.