Herbie-sized meals at Windmill Windup

Herbie-sized meals at Windmill Windup

Windmill Windup brings a few improvements every year.

This year, our task is to Leave No Athlete Hungry! 

 So, in addition to super yummy, tummy-filling and toe-curling, deliciously incredible and tasty meals, Herbie is offering a trunk-load of food – if only you want it!

Developed and tested on live and famished frisbee players in the laboratories buried deep below the fields at the Windmill site, comes the brand new “Top Up” option, which allows hungry people to add more food to their plates or alternatively, come back for the second batch.

So, get your pocket money ready and get that extra food on your plate for a few extra dimes, be it sunshine or rain, be it night or day!

More info: wym-1398712856311

Written by: Aljaz Gabersek