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Find a list of the winners of previous editions of Windmill below or check out the list of all teams that ever participated. Click on your team name and bask in your own past glory.

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Windmill's History

So how did the Windmill Windup get to where we are now?

Like every good idea it all started with a question:

"How can we organize a fun event that still attracts the best teams from all over Europe to come to play in Amsterdam?"

On a cold, rainy day in June 2005, the Windmill Windup kicked off with 24 open and 8 women's teams. Instead of playing in pools or a knock-out system the Windmill started a tradition making use of the revolutionary Swiss Draw Format. In this way teams are pitted against opponents of similar strength, resulting in tough and competitive games.

After three days of hard-fought Ultimate the first Windmill Windup had successfully come to an end, and plans for the second edition were already in the making.

In the years that followed, we worked hard to improve in all areas.

Windmill is renowned for the fun-factor

and we do our best to keep it that way. In past years we have had our share of jumping castles, dunk tanks, obstacle courses and a Ferris wheel to provide entertainment.

Last year, the Windmill Tournament rebranded in order to highlight our new motto back to basics, which empasizes our focus on providing a tournament full of great ultimate. This year, it's all fun all the time. Grab a helmet and enjoy the ride.
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Final standings from Windmill 2015

Spirit results from Windmill 2015

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Spirit results from Windmill 2014

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