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Our green efforts

We realized that when you put on an Ultimate tournament, there's more to think about than just great fields and amazing DJ's. Step by step we try to do our best to become greener. And we need your help, because we're in this thing (the world that is) together.

Compensating Carbon Footprint

Windmill Windup 2012 was the first tournament to offset the carbon footprint of all the player's travelling to Amsterdam. In the past years, of all the teams, a whopping 60-70 percent participated and paid the green fee, so clearly it matters to us all and thus we will continue this program. Either the players themselves or we as the organizers will cover the cost to compensate the CO2 emissions of their journeys. Did you know that the players travel over 1.2 million kilometers to visit the Windmill? This number is a clear sign that the carbon footprint of our sport is higher than most sports because of the extensive traveling.

To compensate these kilometers by train, plane or car we have teamed up with CO2Logic to invest in sustainability projects. These Gold Standard projects don't just compensate the CO2 but also help create jobs, sustainable energy solutions and a better environment for the less prosperous people in this world. These investments are different from the publicly traded mandatory CO2 certificates, a system that is currently under fire. 

True to our name in the past we invested in a goldstandard windmill project in Turkey. With this program we try to create more awareness amongst players of the effect our sport has on the environment and hopefully that awareness will transfer into action. 

The Carbon Footprint compensation will be 50 euro's per team.

We've carefully calculated the carbon footprint caused by all the traveling of all the players and teams. It will cost an average of €50,- per team to offset the travelling carbon footprint. Some teams travel by plane from Russia and others come by bike, but we all play against each other, party together and share the same planet. You can pay the €50,- as a team or otherwise we, as organizers, will cover the €50,- for your team.

  • Team Fee : €190 +
  • Carbon Footprint : €50


  • Total Team Fee : €240

Wining & Dining

Our beer and wine are served in recyclable plastic cups. But when you order your first beer, you pay a 1 coin deposit that you will get back when you hand in your cup after you've enjoyed the beverage. This way we've substantially reduced the amount of (plastic) cups and waste over the past years.

To reduce the amount of waste, we ask you to bring your own tableware. Please help us out here in our journey of becoming greener and bring your own cutlery, plate and cup. For those who really forgot their tableware, we’ll provide bio-degradable cutlery and tableware against a small fee.

Dirty stuff

In 2010 we started with waste division and we'll continue to do so this year. We're making it easier for you though! For Windmill 2017 we have moved to single-stream recycling, with the exception of glass. This means there will be two types of waste bins: for glass, and for everything else. The latter category will be recycled after collection by our recycling company.

It's the small things

Some of our other efforts to become a more sustainable tournament: no-water pissoirs, recycled toilet paper and printing on 100% recycled paper. 

We're in this process together. If you see anything during your visit to the Windmill Tournament that could be greener, please send us a message. Or just talk to our Green Manager who will be flagging and tagging improvements on sustainability during the tournament as well.

Our partners' efforts

When selecting our partners we try to look for both quality and sustainability. This is what our current partners do to become more sustainable:


Jupiler (AB InBev) is committed to the responsible use of natural resources and is constantly working on reducing its impact on the environment. We want to work eco-efficiently both within and outside the walls of our brewery. After the initial overall environmental objectives were achieved in 2012, we have provided seven global environmental goals in June 2013 we want to achieve by the end of 2017 as part of our commitment to a better world. In 2014, a new objective was introduced that focuses on the CO2 emissions from our global logistics activities.

5 Ultimate

5 Ultimate is a company that doesn't simply "import from China". They manufacture their products themselves and oversee every step of the supply chain in person on the ground in China. 5 Ultimate hires a small factory that is owned and operated by a couple and their son and daughter where the wages and working conditions of the 40 employees are well above standard,  and they ship their apparel slowly by boat (because it's greener than shipping by a fast plane).

Their Seattle office runs on 100% wind energy and 10% of the bottom line goes back into developing the sport. They've teamed up with Ultimate Peace to build a little peace every day. Windmill will offset the shipping carbon footprint of the Windmill merchandise sold at the tournament.

Ecodrukkers - 100% sustainable printing

We try everything to decrease our printing, but the stuff that needs to be printed is done by Ecodrukkers. Their company is 100% climate neutral and through innovations they try to make printing more sustainable.

They use renewable energy, no chemicals and organic ink that's made from vegetable oil. Of course everything Windmill is printed on 100% recycled paper (FSC).

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